7 Hong Kong Artistes Form Partnership To Enter Skincare Industry


Maione Youth Original Essence

Seven Hong Kong’s ATV actors including Cai Guowei, Liu Xixian and Yuan Wenjie, held a press conference at Causeway Bay.

Liu Xixian, representing Cai Guowei, Yuan Wenjie and Chenjing Yun, announced that the seven of them have formed partnership with Yi Jia International to enter the beauty with Maione skincare products; and strived to blaze new trail! The featured products include Maione Youth Original Essence.

Cai Guowei, who had never set foot in the business world, revealed that each of the seven partners had invested a 5-digit figure. He joked,  “Although the sum is not great, but it is a good opportunity to explore other sources of income besides acting!”

When asked if the partnership worked out, will he ever invite more colleagues from ATV to join him? Liu Xixian said with a smile to welcome anyone to join.


If you understand Chinese / Cantonese, read more via here.

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