Best Collagen Face Mist – Answer To All-In-One Skincare Singapore

Best Collagen Face Mist Singapore

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If you do not feel safe about consuming hydrolysed collagen tablets in Singapore and the rest of Asia, this collagen facial mist spray is the next best choice for you!

I reviewed this product in my previous post. Yes, now Maione Original Youth Essence comes in a cool black packaging! To recap…

The 5 Main Benefits:

  1. Skin firming
  2. Smoothen wrinkles
  3. Rehydrates and brigthens skin
  4. Removes dark circles and eye bags
  5. Reduce pigmentation and heals acne scars

Imagine your daily skin care routine steps, all done in a minute, in just one bottle!!!

This innovative product employs the US Peptides Chain Application Technology, which:

  • Greatly increase the absorption of its natural ingredients, including collagen, into the deeper skin layers
  • Promotes activation to repair and rejuvenate skin cells


Just like how smart phones have taken over our lives as an all-in-one device, this all-in-one skincare spray will rule the world eventually.


Don’t worry if you have sensitive skin. This product is verified by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore and the world leading consumer product tester SGS, that it is safe for use and animal-ingredient-free.

All the ingredients is formulated in USA and then manufactured and packaged in Malaysia. However it is not sold in USA yet. The Asians are the first to use this product, namely in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan!

The company behind the product is Yi Jia International, which the Chairman has also established more than 20 other companies in the various industries like cosmetics, jewellery and education. Hence its reputation is good and it is a brand to trust.

For those who does like to read about my long-winded personal story, click here. If not, take a look at slides attached below…

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