Best Lip Care Solution for Dry and Pale Lips

I’ve shared in my previous post why I’ve dump $250 worth of lipsticks and lip balm…

And the reason is Legend Age Cherry Lipstick!

Now you will discover why it is so good for lips…

And the main ingredients are…

1. Essence from West Indian Cherry – increase blood circulation in lips, brighten lips and result in great color. Rich in iron, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants

2. Beeswax from France – works like a lip balm due to its moisturizing effects, ability to prevent dryness, reduces cracks and lines in lips, repairs damaged lips, and helps to treat lip inflammation.

3. Vitamin E Oil – keeps moist, prevents pigmentation, reduces fine lines on the lips, and prevents premature aging.

4. Titanium Oxide: effectively deflects UV rays, reduces sun damage, and brightens and protects lip skin.


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