Best Lip Care Solution for Dry and Pale Lips

I’ve shared in my previous post why I’ve dump $250 worth of lipsticks and lip balm…

And the reason is Legend Age Cherry Lipstick!

Now you will discover why it is so good for lips…

And the main ingredients are…

1. Essence from West Indian Cherry – increase blood circulation in lips, brighten lips and result in great color. Rich in iron, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants

2. Beeswax from France – works like a lip balm due to its moisturizing effects, ability to prevent dryness, reduces cracks and lines in lips, repairs damaged lips, and helps to treat lip inflammation.

3. Vitamin E Oil – keeps moist, prevents pigmentation, reduces fine lines on the lips, and prevents premature aging.

4. Titanium Oxide: effectively deflects UV rays, reduces sun damage, and brightens and protects lip skin.


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Why I Threw Away Over $250 Worth of Lipsticks and Lip Balm for This

“Wow, I like your new hair-do! But how come you look so pale today?” Ms X said.

“I’m alright. I should put on some blusher before the meeting.” I replied.

“Hmm, I think it’s your lips that is pale and dry.”


Yes, that is the type of comment I used to get from my friends very often.

I had been suffering from pale, peeling lips since young. Even though I have invested hundreds of dollars in branded lipsticks and lip balm products, all didn’t help.

In fact, I suspect some of those products contain harmful ingredients like paraffin and lead, which might have worsen my situation.

My greatest lesson in taking care of my skin….

If a product is branded and expensive, it does NOT mean it will work for you.

There so many articles out there saying many of the major lipstick brands contain harmful artificial colourings, paraffins and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

The thought of that is so scary.

So I searched high and low for an all-natural lip care solution for my pale and dry lips.

Finally, I saw in a social media feed that a friend has been using an all-in-one lip care which has solved her problem of peeling lips.

Furthermore, it is made of natural ingredients like West Indian red cherries extract and beewax. It’s the first time that I’ve heard of lipstick that is made of those!

This natural lipstick is called Legend Age Cherry Lipstick.

Lip balm lip care review singapore

I tried it on my lips. It felt so soft and moisturising. No greasy feeling at all!

More importantly, just less than a minute after application, my lips turned in a healthy pink lips!

And even after drinking or eating, it does NOT leave any visible stains on the glass or cutlery!

With its all-natural ingredients, it is safe to apply throughout the day to retain the moisture in the lips.

I threw all my branded lipsticks and lip balm because Legend Age replaces all of them and brings out the most natural and beautiful colour in my lips.

In fact, I love it so much that I want to share it to all the ladies out there.

And the best way to do that and make some side income is to become a distributor…

I know, you may be thinking, “Another MLM product?”

I can assure you that it’s NOT.

I’m doing this just like any other businesses: I buy at wholesale prices and make the retail margin.

In exchange, I will provide you personalised advice and you will be able see a “live” testimony of the product.

In fact, I am going to offer you a free 10-minute lip mask treatment using the Legend Age lipstick, so that you can feel the difference yourself! Only for the first 15 people…

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You may also see more details about the main ingredients and benefits in this next post.

My Pregnancy Skin Care Routine In The Tropical Singapore

It has been a while since I updated my blog. I apologise for that as it had been a whirlwind year for me. I had a baby, changed work twice and it had not been an easy year as I had a lot of getting used to both at home and at work.

Anyway, picking up from where I left off….

My skin. It is now my 4th year using Maione Youth Original Essence. My adult acne problem have not returned since. My skin is looking better and better by the day. Some of my peers that are in my age group already have sagging skin!

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How This Green Shampoo Got Rid Of My Flaky Scalp

Flaky Scalp Treatment Singapore

Earlier this year, I had an embarrassing problem. I was always scratching my head when no one was looking. Sometimes when I am wearing dark colour clothing, I can even see flakes flying out of my scalp and onto my lap! Eeeeks!

I tried googling for natural ways to rid this itchy flaky scalp problem that I was facing. I did found many suggestions, saved many links and screen shot a couple of items which was available in my kitchen, BUT I never summoned enough energy to go and mix those kitchen items together to sooth my itchy scalp.

I am someone who likes hassle free solution, wants things fast, that’s why I was sold by what Maione Youth Original Essence offered. (more…)

Facial Sunscreen Review: Maione Youth Moistening Protective Cream

Before I start my review on the facial sunscreen, let me update you my skin condition after using Maione Youth Original Essence.

Back in June 2014 my skin was scarred, I get breakouts often, my skin tone was uneven and my skin wasn’t smooth from all the constant picking of pimples with my fingers.

The journey with this miracle spray essence had been great so far. I had saved lots of time and spared myself from the hassle of having to apply bottles after bottles of creams and gels that all claims to help me get smooth and clear skin but never did.

I had also saved a bit of money from having the need to go for a facial on a bi monthly basis. (I really needed a detox facial every other week because my skin was really clogged back then). These days I go for a basic facial once every quarter and the therapist had stop trying to upsell me stuff. I am guessing because my skin had improved so they can’t upsell me more treatments. (more…)

Bellapierre Mineral Foundation Review | Singapore

Hey friends, before I share with you about this mineral foundation, let me update you quickly about how is Maione Original Youth Essence have been doing for me…

By the way, I am living in sunny and humid Singapore. It’s not the best place on Earth to stay you are very particular about skincare.

It’s been over a year now since I started using Maione line of products.

Maione Products

The results had been amazing thus far. I am really thankful those angry looking pimples with pus that used to flood my cheek and chin are visibly gone. My scars had lightened, skin is smoother and brighter, even my oil seed had dropped off! It’s a great feeling that my skin care regime is so simple now. All I need to do is to cleanse and spray on Maione Youth Original Essence and that’s it! 5 seconds and I am done with giving all the care my skin needs! (more…)

7 Hong Kong Artistes Form Partnership To Enter Skincare Industry


Maione Youth Original Essence

Seven Hong Kong’s ATV actors including Cai Guowei, Liu Xixian and Yuan Wenjie, held a press conference at Causeway Bay.

Liu Xixian, representing Cai Guowei, Yuan Wenjie and Chenjing Yun, announced that the seven of them have formed partnership with Yi Jia International to enter the beauty with Maione skincare products; and strived to blaze new trail! The featured products include Maione Youth Original Essence.

Cai Guowei, who had never set foot in the business world, revealed that each of the seven partners had invested a 5-digit figure. He joked,  “Although the sum is not great, but it is a good opportunity to explore other sources of income besides acting!”

When asked if the partnership worked out, will he ever invite more colleagues from ATV to join him? Liu Xixian said with a smile to welcome anyone to join.


If you understand Chinese / Cantonese, read more via here.

If you want to start a business with less than SGD 1200 and a team of experienced businessmen to mentor and support you, contact me at cklee@happiestskin.com

The Truth About Collagen Drinks

Collagen Drink Singapore

Collagen Drinks – Do They Really Work? What Does?


As a skincare blogger, there is a trend that caught my attention in the past few weeks in Singapore… the hype about collagen drinks. International beauty brands have been spending a lot of advertising dollars in roadshows and promotions of collagen supplements in major personal care chain stores.

Do these collagen drinks really help in improving your skin? Are they worth the investment? Let us first understand what collagen is…

Roles Of Collagen

What are the roles of collagen for the human body? Collagen is a natural protein component of the skin that is the main building block for cells, tissues and organs.

Collagen fibres, in the dermis layer (the middle layer) of the skin, support the skin’s mechanical strength and texture. Hence the quantity and quality of the skin’s collagen (more…)

Laneige Sunblock Sensitive SPF 30 | Singapore Review

Laneige SunBlock Review Singapore

Choose a lesser evil… sunlight or sunblock?

The weather in the Singapore for the past two months has been sweltering hot and sunny. I did not really have the habit of using sunblock on my face, as it always leaves me a sticky feeling on my face.

Until recently, a friend of mine warned me again and again the harmful effects of sun to our skin, I have finally decided to shop for a suitable sunblock for my precious face.

Visiting to beauty counters in a departmental store came first to my mind, as I knew that would be the most convenient place for try multiple products. Hence off I went to the departmental store in Shaw House last weekend.

Laneige Sun Block Sensitive SPF 30 PA++ certainly caught my attention. Firstly, the sales girl at the counter was knowledgeable and was kind enough to give some (more…)