Facial Sunscreen Review: Maione Youth Moistening Protective Cream

Before I start my review on the facial sunscreen, let me update you my skin condition after using Maione Youth Original Essence.

Back in June 2014 my skin was scarred, I get breakouts often, my skin tone was uneven and my skin wasn’t smooth from all the constant picking of pimples with my fingers.

The journey with this miracle spray essence had been great so far. I had saved lots of time and spared myself from the hassle of having to apply bottles after bottles of creams and gels that all claims to help me get smooth and clear skin but never did.

I had also saved a bit of money from having the need to go for a facial on a bi monthly basis. (I really needed a detox facial every other week because my skin was really clogged back then). These days I go for a basic facial once every quarter and the therapist had stop trying to upsell me stuff. I am guessing because my skin had improved so they can’t upsell me more treatments.

When I started using Maione Youth Original essence, the constant question I had was, what if it doesn’t pair well with the sunblock I was using then. It was a German salon brand that I got from the facial place. Thankfully months later, Maione brand launched their own sunblock which boasted technology that made the molecules round thus effectively block out the harmful UV rays from all angles.

My Honest Review of Maione Youth Moistening Protective Cream

Facial Sunscreen Review SingaporeYou would have read articles and heard too many times about how important sunscreen is; it blocks out harmful UV rays, the main culprit that causes dull skin, dark spots and in the worst case, skin cancer.

There are two components to UV rays – UVB and UVA. The first is responsible for burns and tanning, while the second does more damage in terms of photo aging (wrinkles!). Protect yourself from both by using a good sunscreen properly.

For the last 10 years of my life, I had tried multiple brands of sun block and seriously hated most of them because they always felt greasy and appeared so as well when applied on to my skin.

After attending the launch of Maione Youth Protective Cream at MBS and getting my hands on the much awaited bottle, I tried it for the first time. The texture was amazing. It was tinted but super lightweight. It was also non greasy, making it feels and look good after applying it onto my skin.

When I was using the German salon brand of sunscreen, my skin will be oily by mid-day. However, with Maione sunscreen, my skin stayed and looked fresh till the end of the day. I am simply so in love with this amazing product.

Actually, I tried to return to the German salon brand one day because there was still half a bottle left, but after 1 application, I decided to put the bottle in to the thrash. The difference in texture was really too drastic. I felt it and I really cannot bring myself to go back to it.

Maione Youth Protective Cream had been tested by world renowned lab, SGS Testing & Control and the results as follow:


Facial Sunscreen Review Singapore

Frankly, you should have better confidence with Maione brand of products.  Such test reports are made readily available to show you how safe their products are should you have any doubts. Think about it, do the big brands out there show you all these reports when they try to sell you a product?

They normally will tell you what their products contain, BUT they will never tell you what their products don’t have. Maione is serious about delivering little to none harmful and harsh chemicals to us so that we can achieve healthy and happiest skin!

We understand for most of us, especially if you have sensitive skin, you would be more wary about trying a new product. But trust me; I had super sensitive skin before. I took a the leap of faith and just went ahead to try their product even it was a new brand that nobody heard of back then. It turned out to be more than good.

My skin has improved drastically. I finally have clear skin after so many years of battling with acne problem.

Now, the decision is yours, I can go on raving about how awesome Maione products are, but it won’t make any difference to you if you do not come forward to experience it. Drop us a message and we will take it from there!

Cheers to Happiest Skin!