How Natural Colon Cleanse Have Improve My Skin And Body In 7 Days


I am a big believer in Detox. Be it the skin or the body.

Think about this:  We accumulate toxins in our body every day, through the food we eat, the air we breathe. If toxins are not let go off effectively, the buildup can deter us from absorbing the nutrients from food we need, deter us from looking and feeling great, affect our immunity and worse case, cause cancer.

I had found a great product to help my skin detox. It’s the revolutionary Maione Youth Original Essence. It’s been 2 years now; my skin is looking better and better month after month. People, who haven’t seen me for a while, will always tell me so and asked me what I did to clear my “pimple plantation” and curb the oiliness my skin used to reflect. Even my pores and scars had tightened and became less visible. It’s just amazing how a 5 seconds routine twice a day can do so much to helping me gain confidence and saving me lots of money from those expensive treatments I used to go.

Then I went in search for ways to help my body detox. I love food, in all cooking styles. I don’t know if you agree with me, the more unhealthy the food, the better tasting it is… most of the times.

And by feeding myself with so much good food, I need to find a way to get rid of them effectively and boost my colon health which will affect my overall well-being.

Months back, I had been feeling lethargic. No matter how much I sleep, I just cannot concentrate at work and feel sleepy all the time. I was complaining to a friend over dinner one night and she recommended that I should do a colon cleanse, maybe that will help.

She gave me a pack of Fibrena and asked me to try it. fibrena-small

This is from the brochure:

The delicious yet effective fibrena drink supplement with the great natural blackcurrant taste, powered with nmA (Nutrition MicroAlgae) factor, grapeseed Extract and FOS (Fructo Oligosaccharides), to help the body remove toxic impurities in a safe and gentle way, while restoring the normal function of the colon.

I took it and started drinking it the following day. I did not feel anything after 1 sachet. But the second day, I was pooing every visit to the toilet. Like 4 times that day. Crazy I thought! My stools were soft and rather effortless when letting go.

3rd day, the same thing happened and lasted until the 7th day. My stools frequency got back to normal, just once or twice a day. On most days, I can clean myself very easily with just 1-2 wipes. It’s amazing and I definitely felt more energetic!

Besides feeling less lethargic, I also feel that my skin is glowing even more. Well that’s such a bonus!

Now if you have the same problems as me, then you have to give Fibrena a shot and rid your body of all those toxins today!

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