How This Green Shampoo Got Rid Of My Flaky Scalp

Flaky Scalp Treatment Singapore

Earlier this year, I had an embarrassing problem. I was always scratching my head when no one was looking. Sometimes when I am wearing dark colour clothing, I can even see flakes flying out of my scalp and onto my lap! Eeeeks!

I tried googling for natural ways to rid this itchy flaky scalp problem that I was facing. I did found many suggestions, saved many links and screen shot a couple of items which was available in my kitchen, BUT I never summoned enough energy to go and mix those kitchen items together to sooth my itchy scalp.

I am someone who likes hassle free solution, wants things fast, that’s why I was sold by what Maione Youth Original Essence offered.

There was a gathering with my hair stylist friends. They had relocated to a new premise and we visited them at their newly renovated cosy salon.

We were chatting and then I complained about how itchy my scalp had been recently. My friend quickly showed me this tall slim bottle at his counter and said: “Take this; it will work very well to solve your problem.”

I was at first hesitant, because the 1000ml cost a few times more than my usual hair routine. But my friend assured me that this product is really good.

This shampoo claims to be the World’s Greenest Shampoo. O’right is the brand I was introduced to. One of the pushing factors that convinced me to eventually try was that it’s free from 8 types of harmful shampooI believe less chemical used on our skin, is more for our health and well-being. Whenever possible, I will choose products that use fewer chemicals. I am trying to convert my home into a healthier home.

Back to this O’right shampoo, my Haircare Professional friend recommended that I use the tea tree version.

With pure tea tree oil and certified organic foaming agents, this shampoo cleanses scalp, revives hair and has certain properties to help prevent dandruff and itching, leaving your hair healthy and full of vitality.

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I went back that evening and wanted to use it eagerly. I had always loved the smell of tea tree. I worked up a foam and started massaging the shampoo into my scalp. In seconds, my scalp felt cool and refreshed. I like how it felt on my scalp, after a long day, we just need that soothing and energising experience when you are cleaning up.

The following morning, I felt my normally fizzy hair became slightly more manageable.

After a week or so, my scalp problem seems to have gone away. I no longer scratch my head so often.

I also started letting my hair down because the fizziness also seemed improved. I walked into office one morning with my hair down, and my colleague commented: “What did you do to your hair? It’s looking nice!”

So after 2 months of using, I am writing this review and sharing my experience. I am also convinced that this O’right brand has really high quality and effective natural product that you should try.

If you are interested, this shampoo can be purchased from:

The Scalpture Salon
50 Tiong Bahru Road, The Link Hotel

Cheers to Happiest Skin!

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