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Laneige SunBlock Review Singapore

Choose a lesser evil… sunlight or sunblock?

The weather in the Singapore for the past two months has been sweltering hot and sunny. I did not really have the habit of using sunblock on my face, as it always leaves me a sticky feeling on my face.

Until recently, a friend of mine warned me again and again the harmful effects of sun to our skin, I have finally decided to shop for a suitable sunblock for my precious face.

Visiting to beauty counters in a departmental store came first to my mind, as I knew that would be the most convenient place for try multiple products. Hence off I went to the departmental store in Shaw House last weekend.

Laneige Sun Block Sensitive SPF 30 PA++ certainly caught my attention. Firstly, the sales girl at the counter was knowledgeable and was kind enough to give some small samples for take home.

Laneige Sunblock Sensitive Review Singapore

A really small sunblock sample… but good enough for the whole face and neck.

Secondly, the texture of it was creamy-smooth, not oily not sticky. My skin was mildly prone to acne, but the sales girl assured me this sunblock is safe for use. It was made from the so-called 10-Free formula, which she explained that it contains lavender, chamomile, lemon verbena and aloe to smooth our skin.

Being a careful person, I did not buy the whole tube of sun block on the spot but decided to use the samples for a few days. I wanted to be sure that it would not give me any pimple breakout.

True enough, after a few days for usage as my last step of daily skin care routine, there was no breakout on my face. Below is my verdict summary of it…

Good points:

  • Creamy-smooth, not sticky
  • Does not leave face looking oily
  • Does not cause any breakout on sensitive skin
  • Not overly scented
  • Natural ingredients

Not-So-Good points:

  • Slightly harder to wash off. I used a bit more facial cleanser than usual
  • Need to be conscious to spread evenly as it may be “stuck” in my bigger pores

Overall, I am happy with product and will be getting a tube of it this weekend.

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