My Pregnancy Skin Care Routine In The Tropical Singapore

It has been a while since I updated my blog. I apologise for that as it had been a whirlwind year for me. I had a baby, changed work twice and it had not been an easy year as I had a lot of getting used to both at home and at work.

Anyway, picking up from where I left off….

My skin. It is now my 4th year using Maione Youth Original Essence. My adult acne problem have not returned since. My skin is looking better and better by the day. Some of my peers that are in my age group already have sagging skin!

When I got pregnant, I was worried about how hormonal change may affect my skin because I had seen how some of my girlfriends got bad breakout when they were pregnant. 

I’m super thankful to the universe! My pregnancy was a smooth one. No major health problems and my skin was glowing even more with the help of Maione Youth Original Essence. I knew my skin was in good hands because Maione series of products had been tested at renowned labs to be safe from harsh and harmful chemicals. I even sprayed it on my growing belly, once a day, to prevent stretch marks!

Fast forward to after I gave birth in May 2017. During my month long confinement, I was not allowed to shower. I was sweating all the time. It was uncomfortable. I actually neglected my skin care regime. I did not use the essence very much in that one month because the weather was very hot in Singapore. My body was very hot as well and it was unbearable. I wasn’t allowed to splash water on my face or have a good shower and so I chose to use less.

Throughout the course of sharing Maione products with people, I tend to get this question a lot: “What happens when I stop using or forget to use the essence for a night? Will my skin collapse and sag overnight?” I can finally tell all you people my answer from my own experience! NO! You will be fine!

This is true because on the day of my baby full month party. All my friends told me I looked great!. My tummy was (ahem) big unfortunately, but my face was slim and smooth at all. I did not get a simple pimple throughout the month where I did not use a cleanser or my Maione Essence!

I was looking the same the whole time! Isn’t that great?

Well, you might be thinking, this is too good to be true. Well don’t believe me. Experience Maione Essence yourself to believe it!

You are welcome to email me at, ask me for a photo of myself, or get in touch for a free demonstration onto your skin!

Seeing is believing!