Drinking Wheatgrass Juice As Liang Teh!

Wheatgrass Juice | Liang Teh |Singapore

If you found this post via Google, most likely you already know the benefits of wheatgrass. But where can you find buy or effortlessly prepare wheatgrass juice in Singapore? Hint: Liang Teh.

A few weeks ago,  a lot of pimples re-surfaced on my face, around my left jaw area. A lady friend of mine whom met me over a meal said, “Friend, you must be having late nights and eating junk food again.”

“Yar lor, all those overtime work have been killing me. No time to exercise and eat proper meals.   ‘Heatiness’ and all toxins have built up again and showing up on my face.” I replied.

“Drink more ‘liang teh’ (herbal teas) or fruit juices (more…)

Easiest Skincare Routine Revealed!

This wonderful product is newly released in Singapore; and featured in the popular Taiwanese women’s lifestyle show “女人我最大”:

How much time do you spend on your daily skincare routine? Thirty minutes? One hour?

Don’t you hate it when you have to fuss around with expensive skincare regimes (more…)

Foods for Wound Healing

When parts of our body are injured, burned, incised, lacerated, abraded or cut by surgical incision, it instantly goes into healing mode.  Through a series of complicated processes our body heals our wounded skin, muscles, bones, connective tissues and organs and does so marvellously.  That natural and intricate process of healing requires specific nutrients.

The Healing Process

Just after injury chemicals from the wound site triggers a series of reactions. Platelets stick together to form a clot to protect the breach and stop the bleeding. Then the inflammatory phase comes into play, mediated by the immune system that sends white blood cells to clean up the mess.

When the wound is clean more chemicals are sent to the site to signal division of cells. Additionally, growth of new blood vessels occurs to transport needed nutrients.  Accordingly, collagen is created and deposited to make scar tissue. The cells spread over the (more…)

Foods For Skin Healing

Apart from incisions, lacerations, abrasions, punctured wounds, bruises, burns or other external injuries, our skin is afflicted with many diseases. They can be due to bacteria – acne, cellulitis and furuncles; fungi – Athlete’s foot, tinea versicolor; viruses – rashes from measles, dengue and generalized viral infections; and allergy from food, drugs or chemicals. Primarily, our skin is very sensitive to nutritional deficiencies.  It’s crucial to pay attention to food we put in our mouths for effective skin healing for a glowing and clear complexion.

Whatever the malady the skin is into, our body has a complex but marvellous way of healing the skin. Please refer to Foods for Wound Healing for a simplified version of wound healing. Naturally, foods are key and eating right supports the healing process beautifully.

A balanced diet can never be over emphasized. Substitute some items with foods that are great skin healers. The vital nutrients to (more…)